HowTo: PTCL DSL Modem Configuration [Screenshots]

By Posted on February 1, 2012

Here is the complete tutorial on how to setup and configure your DSL Modem.

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9 Responses to “HowTo: PTCL DSL Modem Configuration [Screenshots]”


    Please let me know how to configure/setup PTCL router new MODEL: AN1020-25U + evo support.
    Not AN1020-16T or AN1020-25.
    I’m searching it from many days but I got nothing. I’m not expert in computer so kindly send me video or screenshots like that.
    Please help..
    Thanx in advance.

  • Zubair

    My ptcl BB is not opening pakistani sites like,olx,paksharez etc and when i use proxy it opens every thing and even now i am using proxy to surf your site what exactly should i do???

    • Adnan

      Sorry for late reply, please try changing your DNS settings to Google’s:,

  • Mushtaq hussain shah

    my ptcl broadband black modem router are 15 OR 20 days are internet light off and net is off automaticaly.
    please guide me thank you sir.

  • Ahmed

    i have a netgear modem + router bought from overseas. i am trying to run ptcl broadband on it but it doesnt work. can anyone tell me how can i configure it ?

  • xashi

    i want to configure ptcl modem AN1020-25U
    .PLEASE HELP :((

  • toqeer najam khanzada

    i Have A Modem ProbLem. My Internet Is Not Be Connected

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