Breaking: PTCL to Launch 36Mbps Wireless Broadband With-in Two Weeks

Bm8DfL2CcAAR603 (1)

If you think that 3G or even 4G was your last resort for mobile broadband needs then the time has come to think it again. I am saying this PTCL is all set to come up with something that will blow your minds. The company has decided to shock the market again with this new device that will change the […]

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Mobilink Launches 3G Enabled USB Dongle


Mobilink has announced the availability of its 3G enabled USB Dongle which provides customers high speed internet with plug and play technology. The device is named as “SpeedNet” and it comes with free trial for 3G services and offers high speed internet reaching up to 7.2 Mbps, said a statement issued by the company. Aamer Manzoor, Head of Data Mobilink […]

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HowTo: Get Free Webhosting with Domain Name

Free Hosting

If you are looking for free web-hostnig to host your personal small site, here is the solution. Go to and enter details to get free account there. Here is the tutorial Step 1 : Go to their signup page and enter details for your new account. Step 2: Now you have to verify your email account, go to your […]

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Google Let its Users to Search Like Its 1998

Google 1998 Logo

As everyone knows, Google is celebrating its 15th anniversary and you can checkout their latest doodle here at While you are in 2013, Google let its users to search in 1998 (probably oldest) design when it was established. Go to and type “google in 1998” and you ‘ll feel yourself in 1998 with oldest design. Here is the […]

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PTCL Offers 50% Discount on EVO

EVO 50% Discount

PTCL offers 50% discounts on evo packages till June 30th, 2014 on new EVO devices. Save Rs.3,500 on every new purchase for 3G EVO Tab & get 3months Free unlimited internet for just Rs.14,500 Under this proposition any subscriber making a purchase on EVO Unlimited(Prepaid & postpaid) packages starting 18th of Sept,2013 shall enjoy 50% discounts on monthly charges till June 30th,2014. […]

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Get .Com .Net .Org Domain Names for Just $0.98

Dollar 1 Domain

If enabled, the code will be valid for exactly 24 hours starting from June 3rd 00:00 AM EST. The price for .com, .net, or .org domains registration or transfer with Namecheap is $0.98*. Please note that the $0.18 ICANN fee is applied to .com and .net domains. The offer is limited to 1 per household entity or business, and is not valid for […]

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Google Redesign Search Results, Removes Sidebar

Google Removes Sidebar

Google always updating its search results with minor changes that you can’t notice.This time Google removes sidebar to display more information about search queries. Google search sidebar tools are kicked off to the header menu. Google Inside Search

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Windows Live Messenger to be Retired, Integration with Skype

Skype with Messenger

Here is some good news for Windows Live Messengers’ users that Microsoft has decided to retire Live Messenger and they can reach their friends on Skype.Live Messengers’ users can instant message and video call their friends of Messengers. This was started with Skype 6.0 which allows users to login with their Microsoft account.You have to just update your Skype to […]

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Iran Blocked Google and Gmail

Gmail Blocked in Iran

Iran has planned to ban Google and Gmail forever to ensure their Cyber Security.They have developed their own domestic network and is the reason to block Google and Gmail.Government deputy minister on Sunday that Google search engine and Gmail will be blocked within few hours. Until further notice Google and Gmail will be filtered.The Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA) said […]

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Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Just Launched Today

After long time of using Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) today launched Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).It helps trillion of users to have their own IP address.Below is the video to understand how much important IPv6 is for growing internet.

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