PTCL Offers Free EVO USB for all DSL Broadband Customers


PTCL offers free EVO 3.1Mbps USB for all its current DSL customers. With this promotion all existing & new PTCL DSL subscribers shall be given an option to get a Free EVO 3.1Mbps USB and pay just Rs.500/month for EVO internet usage. Incentives provided to the consumer are as listed below: First incentive is the Free Evo 3.1 USB. Second Incentive […]

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PTCL Upgrades 1MB Economy Packages to 2MB Economy

2MB Upgrade Offer

PTCL upgrades all of its 1mbps economy package subscribers to 2mb economy package. Now current 1mb economy package subscribers enjoy 2mb speed at same price till April 30, 2014. From 1st May 2014 they will have to pay Rs. 750 (only 10GB, or 1750 for 100GB cap). Features 2Mbps Economy package promotion charges: Rs. 499 per month 10-GB download limit […]

Read More » To Be Opened for Pakistani Users

Youtube Pakistan

If certain conditions of the Google management are met, YouTube will be accessible as, a local search engine. This was stated by Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecommunications Anusha Rehman at Senate Standing Committee on Tuesday. She explained to the committee that the government had succeeded in convincing the Google management about religious sensitivities of Pakistanis.The local […]

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PTCL Offers One-Year Internship Program 2013

PTCL internship program

The country’s largest integrated telecommunications company is opening its doors to bring you a spectacular learning and professional development opportunity. After successfull graduation of 500 interns in various discipline in first batch. Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) now offers one-year internships to energetic, ambitious and qualified youth for the second time. Features & Benefits: Hands-on experience of thriving business operations […]

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HowTo: Get Free Webhosting with Domain Name

Free Hosting

If you are looking for free web-hostnig to host your personal small site, here is the solution. Go to and enter details to get free account there. Here is the tutorial Step 1 : Go to their signup page and enter details for your new account. Step 2: Now you have to verify your email account, go to your […]

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Google Let its Users to Search Like Its 1998

Google 1998 Logo

As everyone knows, Google is celebrating its 15th anniversary and you can checkout their latest doodle here at While you are in 2013, Google let its users to search in 1998 (probably oldest) design when it was established. Go to and type “google in 1998” and you ‘ll feel yourself in 1998 with oldest design. Here is the […]

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PTCL Offers 50% Discount on EVO

EVO 50% Discount

PTCL offers 50% discounts on evo packages till June 30th, 2014 on new EVO devices. Save Rs.3,500 on every new purchase for 3G EVO Tab & get 3months Free unlimited internet for just Rs.14,500 Under this proposition any subscriber making a purchase on EVO Unlimited(Prepaid & postpaid) packages starting 18th of Sept,2013 shall enjoy 50% discounts on monthly charges till June 30th,2014. […]

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Google Blocks Windows Phone 8 YouTube App

Google Evil

Two days since we posted Youtube App Finally Announced for Windows Phone Users, but this app is no longer usable because Google has blocked access through it. Here is blog post of David Howard, Corporate Vice President : Posted by David Howard Corporate Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Litigation & Antitrust, Microsoft You may be wondering what happened to the YouTube app […]

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Windows 8 Major Update Windows 8.1 Coming in October

Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 continues the vision we began with Windows 8 and is an example of our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement for our customers. And Windows 8.1 brings many improvements in areas like personalization, Internet Explorer 11, search which is powered by Bing, built-in apps including a few new ones, an improved Windows Store experience, and cloud connectivity with SkyDrive (and much more) that people will enjoy. […]

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Youtube App Finally Announced for Windows Phone Users

Youtube Logo

Experience the world of YouTube on your Windows Phone! With this app, created by Microsoft, access your YouTube account and easily explore and manage YouTube’s vast catalogue of videos and channels. Share videos with your friends via social networks, email and text messages. Enjoy listening to your video playlist with enhanced player controls. Pin videos, playlists, channels and even search […]

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